Lingerie for Men: Because. That's Why.

XDressSometimes I worry I'm going to run out of weird here on She's Still Got It, but apparently, the Internet has unlimited amounts of it.

Witness, for example. A lingerie site for men.

FINALLY, ladies!

No more worrying about your husband stretching out your dainty lace panties!

Now he can get a pair in his own size!

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XDressHe'll be your ballerina girl in this hot little number. Crop top, $14.50. Ballet skirt, $24.


XDressSurprise your man with this lace bodysuit (XDress, $32.50) for Valentine's Day. Sure it'll cost you some hard earned money, but the look on his face when he lifts it out of the box = PRICELESS.


XDressTired of feeling like the maid in your house? Turn the tables with this hawt Satin French Maid Outfit (XDress, $79.50). Trust me. Your hubs will LOVE IT.


XDressIs your man's beer belly becoming a bit of a problem? Help him keep it in check with this lovely purple Corset (XDress, $49.95).


Okay then! Any questions?


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