4 Pairs of Underwear You Should Never Wear


If you've ever worn an itchy pair or a pair that moves from side to side or digs in, then you know that a bad pair of underwear really can ruin your day (or possibly your week). Now, the research supports that theory.

A recent study reported in USA Today showed that an ugly pair of underwear really can ruin your day. Pubic hair underwear, anyone? They might give you the worst day of your life. According to the article:

Almost half of women (47 percent) say they feel sexier and more confident wearing a nice or special pair of panties. "The first thing we put on in the morning does make a difference in our day," says Lisa Lee Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine, from the publisher of Consumer Reports.

Here are a few pairs that will ruin your day. Remember, you have been warned.

La Perla passion de fleur brief: $113

OK, so $113 for a pair of underwear may seem extreme, but wait until you try these on. They are perfectly sized, barely visible under clothing, and great for days when you are feeling less than hot. When you know you're wearing these underneath, it just makes you feel a little better about yourself. Until you realize you spent $113. On a pair of underwear. That would definitely ruin anyone's day.

Hip huggers: $12.50

Thirty percent of the women who were surveyed said a wedgie was the most likely underwear crime to ruin their day. And this pair from Victoria's Secret is just a wedgie waiting to happen. They may be cute for a date, but not in that pattern. And certainly not for much longer than an hour. Only wear to a date in which you plan to peel them off shortly after it begins.

Satin message hip huggers: $12.50

Nineteen percent of women said that they wanted to avoid underwear that "does not lay flat under clothes." This is that pair. Can you imagine wearing a suit skirt that puffed above the words "hottie"? Super classy. Not to mention the visible panty lines from this ridiculous pair. One in 10 women will venture out of the home pantiless and I'm one of them. Why? Because there is nothing tackier, no bigger fashion faux pas, than the visible panty line. Shudder.

Caged back crotchless underwear: $18

It's obvious that these weren't meant to be worn out of the house. But they do illustrate another major complaint from the women surveyed. Fourteen percent of women said "not enough coverage in the rear" was a problem. Any questions?

Do uncomfortable underwear ruin your day?



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Carol... Caroline2010

LMAO!! i used to wear thongs all the time they were great! then i had a baby and now im stuck in the grandma panties! lol! my hubby bought me some sexy silk bikini type panties they are great and soooo comfortable!!

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Love the crotchless ones. I use to wear thongs but once I got pregnant and had a c section I wanted back to granny panties. The granny panties make my pooch less wiggley.

julie... juliebulie

Oh the control top underwear were a life saver the first few  postpartum months. I don't like thongs anymore. I used to when I was not a mommy. They are not practical. I prefer boy shorts or bikini styles that are thin cotton or silky so they don't show much at all, if any.

NotLi... NotLikeaCat

I totally want those caged-back ones.

penny... pennycandy

I'm a "Commando Queen" as my daughter puts it, but I do love the caged-back crotchless ones. Where can I get them?

mrssu... mrssundin

i would rather not wear under wear ha ha..

Megha... MeghannSue

Those hip hugger ones that you called out for causing wedgies...are my favorite after a thong or nothing at all. Just because I'm a mom I should wear ugly grandma panties? why? If my husband started dressing like my dad I can tell you, our sex life would suffer, so I expect he'd react the same if I start walking around in panties like my MIL's.

Kayleen Laird

hip huggers are the worst!! they look cute and sexy for the husband, but i would never ever consider wearing the darn things for more than two minutes at a time other wise!  >.<

Tracys2 Tracys2

It's all what you think is pretty or ugly. I always thought boy shorts look ugly on even the most beautiful women. I'm not 100% on thongs either. What is considered beautiful does change, and everybody has an opinion on what it is. So, I can wear what I think is pretty, and be comfortable too (well, except I'm supposed to only wear cotton and not thongs, which would be really quite limiting, considering what is made these days)

lilel... lilelvengirl

Give me a pair of bikini briefs any day! I always used to keep around a g-string and thong when I wore skimpier clothes, but I don't subject anyone to that kind of display now that I have a kid, lol. Some women look great after a kid and can wear tight stuff, and I'm not one of them, lol. You left out any info on underwear for men though. You should have included that. I myself think that boxerbriefs are the way to go for guys of any shape and size. XD

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