Spring Fashions Prove Fashion Gods Must Hate Curvy Women

maxi skirtCurse the fashion gods! It seems like they're always choosing fashions that look good on a single body type -- tall and thin. Judging by the runway looks, Spring '11 is no exception. The must-have items? Maxi skirts and high-waisted pants. Gag.

I really do adore these looks, but they aren't exactly tailored to women with curves. When donning maxi skirts, I look like a frumpy homeless person, and the high-waisted jeans are definitely not sleek on my booty -- they come off as looking more like the dreaded "mom jeans."

So should we go for the homeless or 1985-era mom style? Oh decisions, decisions. But if you absolutely insist on trying these trends out this summer, there are ways you can pull them off:


Pulling off the maxi skirt: Big on top and big on bottom is not flattering on anyone -- no matter what your size may be. Even the hottest model can't pull off a shapeless sack and it makes you look five times bigger than you really are. So since the maxi skirts are so loose and long, pair them with a fitted top. If you're hesitant to wear anything tight, throw on a cropped denim jacket or boyfriend blazer cinched in the middle. It's important to define your silhouette in maxi skirts because it's easily lost.

Rocking the high-waisted jeans: I gotta say, you're brave if you try this trend. Even the most gorgeous celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, and Mischa Barton have received harsh criticism when they rocked the high-waisted jeans. But these pants are slowly replacing the low-waist jeans, so maybe we should just embrace the '70s style -- after all, it does get rid of the muffin top issue. Since high-waisted pants are made to show off the waistline, jackets work great for those that want to hide their tummy area and backside. Also, wearing heels gives your booty a slight lift, making it look more perkier in the tight-fitting back (warning: your shapely ass may cause cat calls).

Do you think you'll be trying either of these looks this spring?


Image via Lion Heart Vintage/Flickr


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