Maria Menounos and Her MAJOR Wardrobe Malfunction: Did She Get What She Deserved?

Maria MenounosAccess Hollywood host Maria Menounos undoubtedly thought playing beach football in a teeny weeny bikini would get the paparazzi's attention -- and she was right.

Unbeknownst to Maria, her skimpy bottoms were making her private parts very, very public.

Now, the uncensored photos are all over the Internet -- but I can't say I feel very sorry for her.

Honestly? Girlfriend got what she deserved.

I mean, seriously. I can understand wanting to rock a barely-there bikini if I've worked hard for a perfect body, but why not save the flimsy swimwear for sunbathing or walks along the shore?

Anyone dumb enough to play football in the ocean in a barely-there bikini while paparazzi snap photos is just asking for trouble.

Want to see the uncensored photos-of-shame? Keep reading.


Okay. I'm totally not posting the photos here. I'm not that crass.

But you can see them here for yourself.

I know I sound harsh, but I've been to the beach enough times to know that bikinis and the ocean do not go well together. I realize it's not half as sexy, but if I'm planning on swimming, you can bet I'll be wearing a one-piece.

I'm so tired of seeing celebrities react with horror and dismay when their bikini nip slips are caught by photographers. What did you expect when you were playing beach volleyball/sea kayaking/surfing in two triangles and a piece of butt floss?


So what's your opinion on Maria's Malfunction? Do you feel bad for the poor thing? Or was she totally asking for it?


Image via Splash News

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