Blondes, Like, Really Do Have More Fun

blonde at workThe age old question "do blondes really have more fun?" might finally have been answered -- yes. But only because they bring in more dough, and let's be honest, for most, more money means more play. Salary numbers for blondes, brunettes, and redheads were recently calculated, and the finding was the average blonde brings home about $35,650 a year, compared to $34,780 for brunettes, and $34,380 for redheads. That equals to blondes making approximately $924 more a year than their brunette and red-headed peers.


Ironically, the most common complaint amongst blonde beauties is that they feel they aren't taken seriously at work. However, many of the surveyed women confessed that they used the ditzy stereotype to their advantage, which doesn't exactly help all of the smart blondes out there that are trying to break away from that assumption.

But while blondes tend to receive higher compensations and be more socially engaging in the workplace, the study showed that brunettes feel more respected and valued, more likely to stay at a job and work up the ladder as opposed to skipping around, while redheads had the most work ethic, putting in longer hours during the evenings and weekends.

I'd like to think that our work ethic, social engagement, and earned respect stem from our personality and not our roots (or dye bottles), regardless of what any study out there may say. Studies like these only further stereotypes, whether it be hair color, skin color, or nationality, and no good can come from stereotyping. I know lots of super smart blondes and dumb brunettes, lazy reds, and under-valued browns.

Do you find this study accurate for women in your workplace?


Image via gcoldironjr2003/Flickr

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