Jennifer Love Hewitt: Hair Only a Pedophile Could Love

Jennifer Love Hewitt pigtails bikiniYeah, yeah, yeah, Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini in Hawaii. I see that, but all I can focus on are those pigtails in her hair. What on Earth? And are those mismatched ribbon streamers hanging down back there, too?

What is she -- five years old? Nope. She's 31 in case you were totally thrown off by the attempted pigtail cover-up.


I've talked before about my discomfort with grown women wearing bows in their hair. However, I think the pigtails freak me out even more than bows! With this look, Jennifer's just a lollipop and a stuffed ducky away from a schoolgirl spread in a men's fetish magazine.

Is Jennifer playing out a fantasy for her boyfriend Alex Beh? Keep it in the bedroom already... There's something bad or wrong feeling about any man who thinks girlish style is sexy. What's that about (not saying Alex does, but he IS floating next to her in those piggytails)? It's bad enough when men infantilize women to get off, but let's not infantilize ourselves -- in public!

I swear, this is right up there with women who cover their beds in stuffed animals or wear overalls.

Sure, on the style front, some women can get away with some short, low pigtails near the neck. Sometimes. Maybe. Mostly teens or 20-somethings. However, Jennifer takes this look way over the top by wearing her pigtails up high and with colorful ribbons. It's no longer playful and youthful if that's what she's going for -- but creepy and weird.

Am I alone here? What do you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt's pigtails? If you think it's cute, what exactly is cute about it?


Image via Celebuzz

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