Is 'Jizz' Nail Polish a Color You've Worn Before?

Nail polish colors are often named crazy things. Think OPI's "Funky Dunky" or "Cuddle by the Fire" or Essie's "In Stitches" or "Below the Belt" and "Sugar Daddy." But this is a new one and it's called "Jizz."

Yes, you read that right. The nail polish is named for semen -- remember the sticky white stuff that squirts from penises? Yep, that's the stuff. It's exactly the color we all want our nails, right?


Created by Kristen at BleachBlack, the polish is named for the designer's hair color (which is white, apparently).


For $2.99 this little glob of white doesn't have to look like cum stains on your nails, but hey! It can! And that's cool. If by cool you mean really nasty. Based on the name alone, I'm pretty sure I know why this polish is marked down.

What's next? Brown polish called "poo" or yellow-hued polish called "pee-pee." Since when did bodily excretions become the proper names for anything? And it isn't even like she called it "ejaculate" or "sperm." It's jizz. And it's nasty.

Would you ever buy a nail polish called jizz?


Image via NeedSupply

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