Are Your 30s Causing an 'Awkward Fashion' Transition?

Don't try this at 35.
I was perusing the Daily Mail (it's a guilty pleasure, okay?) several days ago when I came across an article that caught my attention.

It was a how-to article on learning to dress like a grown-up at the so-called "awkward fashion age of 35."

It's something we haven't really discussed here on She's Still Got It, but there definitely is an awkward period there somewhere between your late 20s and early 30s, when what used to look great on you is no longer... age appropriate.

Have you gone through this kind of fashion menopause yet? If so, how old were you?


I think my awkward fashion age came closer to 30 than 35. I can specifically remember a time when I realized that Bebe was no longer cutting it for my non-work clothes. On that fateful day, I set foot in LOFT for the first time.

I couldn't believe how modest and matronly the clothes were, compared to Arden B. and Forever 21 and my other mall favorites.

I also couldn't believe I walked out of there with several summer tops -- tops I ended up wearing (and getting complimented on) all summer long.

Now, just five years later, LOFT is a style staple and Bebe can take a hike. Other shops I frequent in my 30s and wouldn't have looked twice at in my 20s: J.Crew. Gap. Ann Taylor. Talbots.

I still throw a little Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe into the mix, but it is in VERY limited quantities. I suppose once I reach my 40s, I'll have to say goodbye to the juniors department stores forever. *sniff*

Does this sound familiar to you, or are you planning on continuing to shop at Hot Topic until you qualify for AARP?

Are you going through an awkward fashion year as we speak? How has your style evolved from your 20s to your 30s? Or has it basically stayed the same?

Image via Danielle Moler/Flickr

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