Garnet Hill Annual Winter Sale: A Must-See

Garnet HillOne of my favorite sales of the year is going on now at Garnet Hill.

Known primarily for its sumptuous bedding, Garnet Hill also carries clothing for men, women, and kids -- clothing that's ordinarily well out of my price range.

Right now, though, there are lots of pretty things on sale. Sale items go fast at GH, but there are still some great deals to choose from.

For example, check out these Born High Heels (Garnet Hill, $130), on sale now for $59.

If you've ever had a pair of Born shoes, you know how comfortable they are -- I can only imagine that these high heels feel about as good as high heels can feel. These would make a great work shoe for those of you who are on your feet a lot -- or for moms who want to look good, but still be able to wrangle kids at fancy events!

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Garnet HillYou're not going to find a better deal than this Jalie Top by Velvet (Garnet Hill, $79), marked down to $14!!! And available in lots of lovely colors, to boot!


Garnet HillThis faux-fur coat is THE leopard coat I've been coveting all season. Right now it's $124 down from $189, which puts it squarely in "maybe" territory as far as I'm concerned!

Garnet HillI love this boho Silk Artist's Tunic (Garnet Hill, $118), which is on sale now for $68 and has such a timeless and supremely comfortable look.


Garnet HillThis Long Tie-Bodice Knit Dress (Garnet Hill, $98) is fantastic, seasonless, also available in black, AND just $39 on sale!!


Garnet HillHere's a sweet Knit Flamenco Skirt (Garnet Hill, $68), marked down to a much nicer $48.


Garnet HillThis Chelsea Top by Velvet (Garnet Hill, $78) is terrific looking, flattering to most figures, available in several different colors, and on sale for $54!


Garnet HillThis Sweater-Knit Cape (Garnet Hill, $128) is about the only way you can do the cape trend and not look silly. I love this sweater, which is marked down to $68 -- and it's a subtle enough nod to the trend that you can wear it forever and always.

What are you waiting for, girls! Go buy something for yourselves!


Images via Garnet Hill


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