What are Your 2011 Fashion Resolutions?

Lindsay FerrierHappy New Year, everyone!

If you're anything like me, you have at least a mental list of things you hope to achieve in 2011.

My husband and I, for example, have resolved to go on a hardcore healthy eating/exercise kick between now and March. Hubs and I have found that we have a much easier time of it when we're both committed to a diet and exercise plan- that way we motivate each other.

But I also have a few style objectives I'd like to accomplish this upcoming year.

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours- Read on and then share your style goals for 2011 in the comments!


1. I resolve to really edit my closet this year, and give everything away that I'm really not going to wear. I only want clothing in my closet that I love- and that fits me well.

My New Classic Black Jacket

Off to a good start with this classic black jacket

2. I resolve to go for quality over quantity. I'm old enough now to save up my money and invest in well-made, classic pieces that will last for years, rather than cheap stuff that lasts only a season.


My Makeup: Meh?

3. I resolve to delve more into makeup this year, and to try some new techniques on my face.

Lindsay Ferrier
Case in point.
4. I resolve to skip trends that don't look good on me- even if everyone else is doing them.

5. I resolve to start getting manicures. At least occasionally.

What about you? What are your style resolutions for 2011?

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