My All-Time Favorite "She's Still Got It" Posts of 2010

Lindsay FerrierWe've covered the most controversial posts of 2010 here on "She's Still Got It" this week, as well as the funniest. Now let's take a look back at my all-time favorites.

Reading back over my posts from this past year has been a little bit like reading a personal blog.

Some of my favorite posts came from real life getting in the way of my fashion writing, like the post where I tested out the red lipstick trend and tried to take pictures.

I say tried because my three-year-old decided to thwart my efforts. You can see the hilarious results in this post.

There's lots more to see, from side-splitting funny moments to my favorite style secrets and tutorials. Keep reading and check them all out!


More funny real-life moments that made it onto this blog were when I had to borrow pajamas from my mom (in this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words) and when I posted what must be the most embarrassing photos of myself ever- They came from junior high, so you KNOW they HAVE to be bad!

Oh. And then there was the time I accidentally got my butt waxed. Sometimes, I may share too much.


The MatchyOther great posts came out of photos I managed to snap while I was out and about here in Nashville. You all had plenty to say about this matchy-matchy family at the zoo, for example, not to mention the time When Granny Wore Jeggings. And the style dos and don'ts I caught while visiting Myrtle Beach had us all cracking up.


Man SpanxSome of my favorite laughs came unexpectedly. The Man Spanx post, for example, was funny enough because of its subject, but things got really hilarious when a male commenter admitted he had Man Spanx- and loved them. His attempts to explain why they were so great had me rolling.

Then there was the Really Big Fur Hat, which still makes me laugh every time I look at it.

And my friend Kyran cracked me up when she posted a photo of herself after trying "The Onion," a hairstyle I tried out and displayed on this blog. You've got to see her picture to believe it!

The StirI posted a few step-by-step tutorials that were a lot of work, but hopefully helped some of you out. There was a foolproof guide to applying false eyelashes, a tutorial on how to create an everyday smoky eye, and a great video post on lots of different ways to tie a scarf and look stylish.

I also found this Fashion Pronunciation Guide to be very, very helpful. Did you?


ShopStyleI also told you about my favorite fashion site, Shopstyle, and how to use it to your (great) advantage. A few more sites I wrote about that still stand out to me now: for cheap shoes, free overnight or two-day shipping and free returns, ShoeWoo for AMAZING sales, and ModCloth for unique, retro-looking, affordable clothes.

Those were a few of my ultimate favorite posts from 2010... Did any stand out to you that I didn't cover here?

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to a fabulous and fun year of fashion and beauty in 2011!

Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier, Lindsay Ferrier, Spanx, Lindsay Ferrier, ShopStyle


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