Strange, Silly, and Just Plain Bizarre: The Funniest "She's Still Got It" Posts of 2010

Sexy BandsSure, I can be serious when it comes to fashion, but I know I'm not the only one around here who also loves to laugh about it.

From Sexy Silly Bands to Double Denim Onesies, we've done a lot of laughing together on this blog and often, your comments are the funniest part of the posts!

Check over this list of the most hilarious "She's Still Got It" posts of 2010 and make sure you didn't miss any-  They're all guaranteed to make you giggle!






BinikiWell if this doesn't make your eyes bleed, nothing will. The Biniki Butt Bra definitely got your attention, and if you think this is bad, check out the photo of the male version- the Maniki in the post-- IF YOU DARE.

You were as stunned as I was by the assertion that some bridal stores were actually selling Bridal Diapers- diapers for brides whose dresses were too elaborate to allow them to go to the bathroom. Read about whether the story was fact or fiction in the post.


  • Vulva Necklace

Then there was the Vulva Necklace. The Vulva. Necklace. And incidentally, someone bought this very necklace pictured just today. Coincidence? I THINK NOT. I only hope that person also bought a Semen Necklace to complete the set.

And who could forget the hilarious video interview of the Creepy Hand Model? She's been making a regular appearance in my nightmares ever since!


Nipple EnhancersMy post on nipple enhancers definitely perked you up (or maybe it was the picture that did it). Besides, how can you say no to a product when one of its users has this to say in the Testimonials section: "I made out with more guys on the dance floor than anyone else there!" That, my friends, is customer satisfaction.

A post on what had to be the most effed-up runway show of all time had all of us laughing. You simply have to see the accompanying photos to believe it!


Knitted BeardMy post on knitted beards was probably one of the most popular of all time- So far it's been shared on Facebook nearly 3,000 times! And you know what? It still makes me laugh!

My post containing YouTube video of the Best Runway Falls of All Time was so much fun to research and write- If you haven't seen these videos, you are missing out!


CamelflageThe Camelflage promised to hide... well... THIS. But you all had a MUCH better solution to this woman's problem in the comments of my Camelflage post!

And then there was The Wine Rack, which still gets my vote for worst undergarment idea of all time. You can always tell when a man has designed something, you know?


Pump GlovesFinally, we had the recent Pump Gloves post. The post was funny enough on its own with the inclusion of its hilarious, porno-esque infomercial video. But the gloves really came off in the comments, when a few people got a little upset over my mockery of the product.  Uhhhhhhhh........

Hope you got a few snorts out of these posts. Here's to many more in 2011!


Images (top to bottom): Sexy Bands, Biniki, Etsy, Bodyperks, Etsy, Camelflage, Pump Gloves

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