Amazon Eve: World's Tallest Model Throws Men Around for Money (Video)

Shaq is 7' 1''. Lebron James is 6' 8''. The world's tallest female model, Amazon Eve (real name, Erika Ervin) stands tall among them. She is  6' 8'' -- and proud of it.

The California born model has a 40'' inseam, a 38 DD bust, a size 14 shoe, and a size 14 dress. The German-Dutch towering beauty may be a bit "plus size" but her career is on the ups (pun intended).

So where did this girl come from?


In an interview with Las Vegas Weekly, Eve explained that law school and personal training weren't cutting it, so she decided to use her height to her advantage.

I got involved with doing this Amazon gig which is a form of domination and that's how I got touring ... all over the planet. A producer down in Australia hooked me up with Zoo Weekly and the rest of history.

But Eve's general modeling gig may be a bit different than others. Generally, she gets paid $400 an hour to pick up men and throw them:

This video, which is just a sample of what Eve gets paid to do -- is comical to say the least. Who doesn't love watching a tall woman prance around on a beach and pick up small men?

Most 80 percent of what I do is I pick up guys I literally pick them up and throw them in my shoulders wrestle them down to the ground or we just do height comparison videos.

I can only imagine how difficult life must be for someone that tall. Personally, I don't like to blend in -- per say, but for Eve blending in isn't even an option. Simple things like going to the supermarket, getting gas, and stopping for a cup of coffee can be a hassle with so much staring. Imagine going to the gym? A lot of stationary equipment isn't built for someone of that height.

Ultimately, I give her props for her confidence, and for using her assets to her advantage. Her attitude is beautiful. And although she admits it isn't easy, her measurements are something she's learned to embrace:

You get used to it. Everywhere I go, people will stare and wonder. I used to think I was a freak but actually they're seeing someone beautiful ... I think I am pretty confident.

Would you like to be 6'8"?

image via youtube

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