Jim Toth Gives Reese Witherspoon Stunning 4-Carat Ashoka Engagement Ring

Jim Toth, Reese WitherspoonJim Toth got his engagement to Reese Witherspoon off to a great start with a William Goldberg-designed, 4-carat Ashoka engagement ring.

Good going, Reese!

Want to see the ring? Keep reading!


William Goldberg Ashoka RingThe ring was custom designed, but according to the William Goldberg Diamond Corporation, it looked much like this one.


Why is it called an Ashoka ring? Well, according to People Magazine, an Ashoka diamond is cut with 62 displayed facets and rounded corners for maximum sparkle. Less than 10 percent of rough diamonds each year can be cut this way. 

The diamond cut is named for the original Ashoka the Great, emperor in India between 304 and 232 B.C. He owned the original Ashoka diamond and was known for his Buddhist faith, his love, and his compassion.

How. Romantic. I'm liking this Jim Toth already.

What do you think of Reese's new ring? Is it worthy of a Hollywood A-lister?


Images via Splash News and William Goldberg

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