Stephanie Seymour in a Tiny Bikini: Let's Hate on Her

Stephanie Seymour bikini whiteExhibit A: Model and mom of three Stephanie Seymour in a white string bikini on the French Riviera. Yesterday.

Okay, this lovely photo of Ms. Seymour evokes many emotions for us here. There are just so many places to begin with the "hatin' on Stephanie" business.

Should we start with the French Riviera in December part, which makes us all terribly jealous? Nah, let's go right in for the kill -- that frickin' tiny WHITE bikini and the rockin' body that's holding it up.


Okay, this is the time of year we all eat a little extra. Isn't it? It's the holiday season, and there are sweets abound. And besides it's sweater season, for godssake! Thank you, long cardigans! Am I right? I surely can't be the only one eating a few pieces of fudge for breakfast and a couple sprinkled Christmas cookies for lunch simply because I know I can just add another layer to hide the extra "layers" I'm putting on my mid-section. You can bet there's no place for a white string bikini around here. Please no.

Well, apparently Ms. Rockin' Body Seymour isn't hitting the fudge so much as she's hitting the beach and my jealousy button. I mean, who can wear a white bikini any time of year, let alone in December, just days after Eatmas, er, Christmas?

Did I mention she just reconciled with her billionaire husband, too? Oh, come on, Stephanie! Now you're just begging us to hate on you ...

Do you want to hate on Stephanie Seymour with me or are you above all that?


Image via Celebuzz

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