The Ten Most Controversial Posts of 2010: A "She's Still Got It" Retrospective

The StirYou've all certainly kept the conversation going in 2010 here on "She's Still Got It," sounding off on a variety of issues, from transgender models to whether you regret your college tattoos.

With so many great discussions, I couldn't help but revisit the best of the best controversial posts from 2010.

Surprisingly, the post that generated the most discussion on this blog was called "My Ears Aren't Pierced. Get Over It." By the time all was said and done, more than 200 of you had sounded off on this blog, my personal blog, and Yahoo! Shine, where the post was syndicated.

But that's hardly the only topic that provoked some intense discussion. Keep reading to see "She's Still Got It's" most controversial posts of the year.


Silly Bandz2. You all had plenty to say when I asked what you thought of Silly Bandz on adults. Plenty of you admitted to filching your kids' Bandz to wear on your own wrists, but according to one reader,"I think as a general rule, anything spelled with a "z" instead of an "s" when plural should be off-limits." Point made.

3. No one was happy with a survey's assertion that women's beauty peaks at 31, or about a number of men's comments in response to the survey, who thought 31 was pushing it. "pa-leeeze!!!" one of you wrote. "I am 33 and get more looks and comments than I ever had before!!"


Flickr4. When I wrote about a new trend among certain New York hipsters to go days or even weeks without bathing, you had plenty to say. "Ew. Daily not required, but if you start to smell yourself, we smelled you days earlier. Ew," wrote KathyKate. Agreed.


The Stir5. When I asked if any of you regretted your college tattoo, most of you responded with a resounding NO! "I got my tattoo when I was 18, and I just celebrated my 29th birthday," wrote one reader. "I didn't get something superficial, like Bugs Bunny. I got a work of art, and I don't regret it one bit. It's absolutely unique, and I don't foresee a day when I would try to hide it."


Target6. In September, a group of plus-sized style bloggers petitioned Target, requesting the discount giant to include plus sizes in its popular designer collaborations. You all agreed, with some caveats. "I'd like to see designers make special collections just for plus size women, that will fit well and be flattering on larger bodies," wrote Marsha. No word on whether Target agreed to the bloggers' demands.

7. Recently, a new male model who's getting work based on his extraordinarily feminine looks  provoked a flurry of comments from "She's Still Got It" readers. Some of you thought it was fantastic that high end designers are using him for their campaigns. Others thought it was awful. "Really disturbing and more proof that designers don't design clothes for "real" women's bodies!" wrote Rachelle.


Teens Turning Green8. A protest staged by consumers who were angry about Abercrombie & Fitch's practice of saturating its stores with its noxious scent provoked lots of "amens!" from you ladies. "My husband and I both say the same thing each time we walk by that store," wrote Kristy. "Not only is the music too dang loud in there but the smell is sickening.  I don't know how those people can stand to work in that store."


Double Braids9. You had lots to say when I asked how old is too old for double braids. "Like any other look, it depends on the woman's personal style  - if she's confident and/or super-adorable, it's easy to pull it off," one reader advised. "If you believe you can't pull it off, you probably can't. And I'm thinking that if you're anywhere near (or past) 40, don't even think about it."

WIVB10. And you were as horrified as I was about the man trampled in a Black Friday stampede at a New York Target. "I understand wanting to hit the sales and make your dollars stretch as far as they can, but not at the cost of a fellow human," wrote Tanis. "Unbelievable."

Yes, it was a controversial, thought-provoking year and I have no doubt there will be plenty more stories that keep us talking in 2011!

Did I leave anything out?


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