Jennifer Aniston & Other Celebrity Perfume Losers

Jennifer Aniston's perfume Lolavie has had disappointing sales for the actress who launched the fragrance back in July at Harrods. You can't win 'em all, Jen! Of course, she is probably laughing all the way to the bank ...

Still, she isn't alone with disappointing perfume sales. Many other actresses and celebrities have had fragrance bombs in recent years. For every Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker perfume success story, there is one sad story of the perfume that never hit the big time.

Here are a few celebrity perfume humiliations:







Lolavie: Some speculate that Aniston's lack of promotion may have hurt the fragrance. Others think it's more to do with Aniston herself, a woman who rocks a more "I smell great naturally" vibe than a heavily perfumed one. Whatever the reason, the perfume isn't going to make her richer anytime soon.

Stunning: In the UK Katie Price is very famous, but her perfume Stunning was billed as the "worst selling celebrity perfume of all time." Ouch.

Queen: Queen Latifah's fragrance (among others) helped the company that made it lose about $2.5 million in sales in the first half of 2009.

Harajuku Lovers: We love Gwen Stefani, but maybe not her perfume. According to many reviews, the smell was bad, which, regardless of sales numbers, is never a very good sign for a scent.

Celebrity scents are really a mixed bag, and for companies, they're often the kiss of death. According to the Daily News:

Fragrance peddler Parlux France relies heavily on its celebrity branded scents and has taken a hit for it.
I am a perfume junkie, but have never found a celebrity scent I love. Do you have one you like?

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