Benjamin Millepied Artsy Abs Tattoo: Let's Ogle It

Benjamin Millepied tattoo Bauhaus

Benjamin Millepied and his tattoo

Benjamin Millepied, the HOT ballet-dancing new fiance of actress Natalie Portman (and dad-to-be of the couple's baby on the way) has an artsy, abstract tattoo running down his left set of abs. But what is the tattoo and what does it symbolize?

Hmm, let me study this tattoo closer for awhile and get back to you ...

Okay, I'm back. After intently studying the tattoo for a few hours (you're welcome) and then spending a couple minutes clicking around the internet, I found out everything you need to know about Benjamin Millepied's tattoo.

Read on, and I'll share the tattoo knowledge. Of course, if you need to study the tat a little longer, I understand ... I found that tracing a finger up and down the tattoo shown at the right really helped me to "understand" its artistic nature. Do whatever you must.


Turns out Mr. Millepied's tattoo of a boxy abstract profile (see the eye, nose and mouth?) is inspired by the Bauhaus painter Oskar Schlemmer, who created the logo below in 1922 for the Bauhaus art school in Germany.

Bauhaus logo Oskar Schlemmer
Bauhaus logo by Oskar Schlemmer
Bauhaus, translated as "House of Building" or "Building School," operated from 1919 to 1933. The school, which merged crafts and the fine arts, became famous for its approach to design. Many amazing artists of that time lectured at Bauhaus, including Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Piet Mondrian.

Millepied says he got really into 1920s art and furniture a few years back, an obsession which apparently spurred the tattoo.

Bauhaus Cover 1979-1983
Bauhaus 1979-1983 cover
If you're an 80s music fan, you might also recognize this symbol from the cover of the band Bauhaus's 1979 - 1983 compilation record, released in 1986.

The band chose the name Bauhaus 1919 in reference to the German art movement because of its "stylistic implications and associations."

So even after all the ogling studying, we can't say for sure if Natalie is the arts or the crafts or if Benjamin is the crafts or the arts, but the two are definitely all set to merge in 2011. Congratulations to the abby, er I mean, the happy couple!

What do yout think of Benjamin Millepied's abs tattoo? Hot or not?

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