Is Hilary Swank Reinventing the Mom Uniform?

hilary swank

Hilary Swank has awesome fashion sense for a jock. No faded black yoga pants, baggy T-shirts, or outdated sweatshirts in her repertoire. Which is why it's exciting to hear that in addition to working on her latest film New Year's Day with Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift, the 36-year-old actress is developing a new fashion line for women with an athletic flair.

Swank, a former gymnast and who played a buff boxer in Million Dollar Baby, has an athlete's body anyone would envy. In fact, I don't think there's a photo of her in existence that doesn't show her with a perfect shape bearing more than 15 percent body fat. Originally, her plan was to create a line of T-shirts that would inspire people to get to the gym, but the idea took off and expanded to an entire line that could very well lead to a total Mom Uniform makeover.

Want to see it?


Me too. But unfortunately there are no pictures yet -- only a concept. Judging from Swank's personal style, both when working out and on the red carpet, we can make a couple of good guesses about some of the characteristics that will make her line stand out:

Simple and functional. Check out this stylish jogging outfit, including lightweight, tight-fitting top and spandex capris that match her cap. Sweat never looked so good.

Hilary Swank jogging













Form fitting! Case in point above and below (and below and below and below), during an appearance at a celebrity fashion show fundraiser. She loves to show off that rocking body, and why wouldn't she?

Hilary Swank in jeans

















Bursts of color. Hilary tends to more earthy, subdued tones. Every once in a while she surprises us with some drama, as in these fantastic teal gladiator style peep-toes. But I still can't take my eyes of that luxurious, minky-colored sheer wrap coat. Covet.

Hilary Swank in wrap coat


Comfort. Who do you know who looks this good in a velour sweat suit, shown here with her ex-husband Chad Lowe? Again note the soft brown and form-fitting look. Kiss those yoga pants goodbye!

hilary swank in velour sweat suit














Unusual patterns. Just when we think we have Hilary all figure out, she wows us with a fun twist, like a netted bodice or bold stripes. So definitely expect some surprises!

hilary swank


We did mention tight, didn't we?

hilary swank













Are you excited about Hilary Swank's forthcoming clothing line?


Images (top to bottom): 1-5 via SplashNews; Ben Gabbe/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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