'Too Thin' Just as Rude as 'Too Fat'

When a model is displaying clothing, the discussion is supposed to focus on what she is wearing, not on what she looks like. For Alli Crandell, a revolveclothing.com model who was once on The City it was her weight that made the comments section. 

According to one comment:

Surprised to see these pictures still up. I have students aged 12 who think they are too fat because twisted 'role models' like this. the girl in the picture is so thin she looks as if she'd snap in half when she sneezes.

Imagine if she were overweight and this were said:

The girl in the photos is so fat, she looks like she would explode is she sneezed. Can you imagine the outrage?


And another:

I'd like to mention something I've not read on any of these comments. This model clearly has a lovely face, but her eyes look dead. I agree that she is far too thin, and the lip service Revolve gave to understanding its clients and listening to the people here is just garbage. If they really had any interest in this young lady or the opinions of a public that expresses concern about this image, this picture (pictures) wouldn't still be up.

Revolve Clothing responded with this:

She won't be appearing in any of our new product batchers or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed, the company promised.

As in: she needs to gain weight. And much as I agree that her appearance is quite shocking, the attacks are completely unfair. Maybe she is naturally that thin? And even if she is not, imagine that the tables are flipped. Think of Maura Kelly and the outrage over her comments on the Marie Claire website. She said she was grossed out by fat people and the world erupted.

Isn't that essentially what these comments are saying? That people are "grossed out" by this model's appearance? There has to be a middle ground and in fashion -- like in life -- most people fall somewhere inside the healthy weight spectrum, not too far on either end. She does not look healthy, it's true. But she might be. And just as it is rude and unfair to say mean things about overweight people, it is also rude and unfair to say them about skinny people.

We need to get to a point where we can talk about weight without pointing fingers and being mean. Yes, it is healthier to be in the middle, but even in the middle, there can be a 20-30 pound spread in terms of healthy weights at every height. Some people have larger builds than others, store weight differently or have slower/faster metabolisms. That does not make a person "gross."

Do you think it is fair to knock skinnier models?


Image via Revolve Clothing

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