Pump Gloves: WTH?

Pump GlovesProblem: You're an old lady who wants to pump gas without getting your hands dirty.

Solution: Hand sanitizer. Pump Gloves! Click through to see the HILARIOUS video!


Pump Gloves

Pump Gloves come in stylish black and light gray and are designed to protect a lady's delicate hands and manicure while she's doing the dirty job of pumping gas.

Again. Hand sanitizer. The end.

The pictures in this case are worth a thousand words, but the video? It's AWESOMELY BAD. And bizarrely, the whole time I was watching it, I kept expecting it to turn into a bad porno. Something about the way the actors deliver their lines and the creepy guy at the gas station. Not to mention the name of the product... You've just got to see it for yourself, girls...




Images via Pump Gloves

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