Hugh Hefner Engaged: What Fiancee Crystal Harris Should Wear to the Wedding

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Crystal Harris, Hugh HefnerHugh Hefner, 84, has announced his engagement to Playboy Playmate Crystal Harris, who is a mere 60 years younger than The Hef.

Now that Crystal's landed the wold's most bacheloriest bachelor, she's going to need to turn up the volume if she wants to keep his attention at their wedding-

After all, the event likely will be filled with bosomy vixens doing their damnedest to lift Hugh's, er, spirits.

Fortunately, I've got a number of wedding gown selections guaranteed to make even the most discerning famous-for-being-naked lady proud.

Keep reading to see my top picks for Crystal Harris's wedding gown... and keep your fingers crossed that this wedding of the century will be immortalized in a new series on E!






Mariah Carey

Who can forget Mariah Carey's getup at a Halloween party not that long ago? How could Mariah have known then that she was potentially providing the inspiration for the royal family of porn's newest queen?

Tacky WeddingsCrystal will probably want to showcase her two greatest assets, and she can't go wrong with this lovely gown in the classic 'titshelf' style.


Daily MailOr perhaps she could opt for this traditional two-piece gown with matching garter? As a bonus, there's a great idea here for her bridesmaid's dresses as well!


AmazonBut why should Crystal have all the fun? This bride and groom set would be just the thing for a beach wedding. Bonus: The whole set's just $29.83 on Amazon!

What do you think Crystal should wear to her wedding?


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kerp1960 kerp1960



poshkat poshkat

a big white dress and a shash that says GOLD DIGGER

poshkat poshkat

damn! SASH***

jalaz77 jalaz77

Gold dress cause, yup, she is a gold digger for sure. Cannot tell me this is love, this is gross! I like Hugh, he is a great business man but he is also a sleaze.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

She's not marrying a man, she's marrying a lifestyle.  :D

tazdvl tazdvl

Love your picks!!

ZsMommy ZsMommy

sidesplittinglaughterNuff said-LOVE the "picks"!!!!!

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