What to Wear to Hide That Holiday Flab

FlickrChances are, you've spent the last day or 30 eating a little more than you should have.

Don't worry, you're not alone. The amount of food I've consumed in the past three days alone is completely embarrassing.

I've sworn to get back on the wagon and hit the gym (not to mention my South Beach Diet Cookbook) with a vengeance, but in the meantime there are a few things we can do to hide our, *ahem,* excess baggage. Read on to see them!


NordstromThe good news is that this season's oversized sweater and boots trend make it entirely possible to hide everything but your knees if you need to. And that, for many of us, is a VERY GOOD THING. Wear your coziest sweaters right now with black leggings and the tallest boots you own. I'm sure, for example, this Nordstrom model is hiding an enormous beer gut, but you'd never know it, would you?!


NordstromRight now more than ever, black is a girl's best friend. It never fails to make you look slimmer- and a sparkly long necklace like this one will also draw attention away from your various holiday-induced lumps and bumps.


AnthropologieAnother great option this time of year is to pair a loose fitting, shortish dress and cardigan with opaque tights. For most of us, our legs are one of the slimmest parts of our body. This look showcases them and hides the rest! You can bet I'll be rocking it regularly over the next few weeks!


Free PeopleFinally, use the cold weather to your advantage and layer, layer, layer. A fuzzy scarf can hide that double chin! That cardigan your grandma knitted you can cover a bulging belly! A long tunic top can camouflage chunky thighs!


SpanxFinally, and perhaps most importantly, SPANX. Spanx, Spanx, Spanx. The ultimate post-holiday confidence booster. Don't leave home without 'em. My favorite version is this Higher Power brief (Bliss, $36).

Any quick-slim tips you have to offer? Share them in the comments!

(And if you want specifics on the cost of the outfits above, check out the links in the image credits below!)


Images (top to bottom): Danielle Helm/Flickr, Nordstrom, Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Free People, Bliss

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