The Truth About Kymaro Fix My Roots

KymaroA while back, I wrote about the new products on the market that temporarily cover up your roots or even stray grays until you have time to permanently fix them.

Shortly afterward, Kymaro sent me a tube of its Fix My Roots, which looks just like mascara.

I didn't get around to trying it out until the other day when I realized my stray grays were getting slightly out of hand.

I brushed some on at my temples, worried that I'd have greasy-looking, mascara-like color stuck in my hair until i washed it out.

Want to know the results? Read on!



I loved it!

The product dried within seconds, and easily covered my grays. And I couldn't even tell I had product in my hair at all- I actually forgot about it.

I used Fix My Roots as a quick fix for a few grays, but the proper way to do it (and the way that probably would work much better if you're using it for a larger section of hair) is to brush it on and then blow dry it for a few seconds to "set" the color.

Fix My Roots is $9.99 and comes in Platinum Blonde, Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Burgundy Red, Fire Red, and Black.

But it's not the only product on the market. For more great tips on covering up those grays whether you're blond or brunette, check out this post I wrote on the subject. Lots of good advice here!

Do you have any quick fixes for stray grays?


Image via Kymaro

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