Why Is PETA All Over Victoria's Secret Now?

At a time when so many stores are doing politically incorrect things (I am looking at you Target!), it is nice to see a store doing it's part for treating animals ethically, which coincidentally is the reaosn PETA is honoring Victoria's Secret.

The lingerie giant has just implemented a policy banning apparel made from the skins of exotic animals, which earned them a  Proggy Award in the category of Progressive Retailer of the Year. PETA's Proggy Awards ("Proggy" is for "progress") go out to people, companies, and organizations that exemplify animal-friendly progress in culture and commerce.


Victoria's Secret's commitment to eliminating some of the worst abuses suffered by animals used for clothing places it at the leading edge of a growing trend," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "The company—known for its risqué image—knows that there's nothing sexy about skinning snakes and lizards alive in the name of fashion."


Limited Brands already had a policy in place banning fur and Australian merino wool, most of which is obtained from lambs who are subjected to "mulesing" mutilations in which large chunks of flesh are cut from their hindquarters in a crude attempt to prevent maggot infestations. How disusting is that? These are the kinds of things we all ought to know more about before buying clothing! It does not mean you have to dress poorly, either. Check out these items:

Flat faux suede boots: $59.99

Kindness never looked so cute! Wear these and feel great knowing no animals were harmed in the making you hot!

Comfy cardigan: $39

You don't need sheep butt to be warm and cozy this winter.

Military coat: $129

This I am highlighting because it is beautiful and I am planning to buy it, but it is also a kinder wool and will keep you nice and toasty!

Would you wear Victoria's Secret more because of this award?


Image via Victoria's Secret

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