Survey Shows 1 in 4 Women Spend More on Themselves Than Others at Christmas

FlickrA new survey finds that one in four British women spend more on themselves at Christmas than they do on others.

Are you buying it?

I am.

You may not be spending more on yourself than your friends and family members this holiday season, but be honest: Haven't you picked up at least a little something for yourself this Christmas?


I mean we've all been so good this year, right?

Don't we deserve a little something extra for ourselves, too?

This survey, conducted by, revealed that over half of those women surveyed also decided to keep for themselves gifts originally purchased for female friends. The whole thing reminds me of a Facebook post a friend of mine wrote the other day: "Out Christmas shopping. Two for you, one for me."

It was hilarious, because so many of her Facebook friends knew the feeling all too well! We women generally are expected to do most of the Christmas shopping for our families. How are we supposed to resist all of the great holiday deals available right now?

As for me personally, I opted this year to save my clothing budget until Black Friday, and so I ended up using the Christmas deals to get a LOT more bang for my buck. I was so happy with the results of waiting and making my purchases during the holidays that I plan to do it every year.

My husband and I also make a Target run each year at Christmastime for stocking stuffers and have a lot of fun picking out candy and treats for our own stockings as we shop. And we each ordered a couple of gifts for ourselves for under the tree.

But by and large, I'm able to contain my own wants and desires while I'm out shopping for others.

What about you?


Image via ChickAdvisor/Flickr

h/t: Daily Mail

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