Taylor Schilling vs. Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron Rebounds

Taylor Schilling Vanessa Hudgens
Taylor Schilling vs. Vanessa Hudgens
Well, well, well, it looks like pretty boy Zac Efron is already playing the field like a champ after his breakup with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens. Rumor has it he's getting "chummy" with his The Lucky One costar Taylor Schilling.

Sometimes, after the first puppy love romance ends, we set our sights on someone completely the opposite of our first love. In Zac's case, what might he see in Taylor Schilling that he didn't see in Vanessa Hudgens? Beyond the completely different blonde, more mature, no-nonsense sexy exterior, we can only guess based on several facts what makes Taylor so attractive.

So what does Taylor got that Vanessa didn't have? We're about to show you.


Taylor Schilling vs. Vanessa Hudgens


Taylor Schilling: Taylor defines her style as urban casual. "I’m the girl who will show up in jeans no matter what -- but the jeans can get fancier and fancier." Don't men always seem to dig a girl who prefers blue jeans?

Vanessa Hudgens: Regularly acclaimed for her trendy and youthful red carpet style. We'd expect nothing less from a Disney princess.

Acting Roles

Taylor Schilling: Best known for her role as the fierce Nurse Veronica Flanagan Callahan, who recently returned from a tour in Iraq, on the TV medical drama Mercy.

Vanessa Hudgens: Best known for her portrayal of the shy but well-sung Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series.

Upcoming Roles

Taylor Schilling: Besides her role alongside Zac Efron in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks movie The Lucky One, Taylor will play Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged, the film adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel. What a role!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hudgens will star in the sequel to the 2008 film Journey to the Center of the Earth. Sounds deep.


Taylor Schilling: She graduated from Fordham University with a bachelor of arts in acting.

Vanessa Hudgens: She briefly attended Orange County High School of the Arts and then received homeschooling with tutors.

Embarrassing Hollywood Moment

Taylor Schilling: So far none reported, but hopefully her first won't be leaving our little Zac Efron a heartbroken mess. Or even worse, getting her heart broken by Zac.

Vanessa Hudgens: Nude photos that Vanessa took of herself made their rounds on the Internet awhile back, embarrassing the star and her Disney employers.


Taylor Schilling: 26

Vanessa Hudgens: 22

Zac is just 23. Who's the lucky one in this new alleged love affair? Hmm, sounds like someone might be drawn to a little more brains and intensity and a little less debutante and Disney these days. Just a guess.

Who do you think is the better catch: Taylor or Vanessa?


Image via NBC and Vanessa Hudgens' Facebook

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