15 Beauty Secrets That 'Jersey Shore' Taught Us in 2010

The Jersey ShoreBetween slugging Ron Ron Juice and fist-pumping in the clubs, the cast of Jersey Shore actually bestowed some serious beauty and fashion wisdom upon us in 2010. Now that the year is winding down, let's do a quick review of the 15 beauty secrets that we learned this year, thanks to Jersey's classiest crew:

  1. The importance of GTL'ing. Can't start a day without your trips to the gym, tanning, and laundry. But it must be in that order.
  2. Actually, thanks to Obama's Tanning Tax, we may have to cut that tanning time short. We'll just have to slather ourselves in orange sunless tanner instead.
  3. Petting your extensions constantly makes them smooth and shiny.
  4. Always have your girls at attention, pushed up and out.
  5. Before smush-smush time, put lotion on your butt. This is part of Snooki's getting ready to get it on routine, so clearly it must work.
  6. Fuzzy slippers are perfectly acceptable to wear while stumbling drunk into a store.
  7. The pouf should only be worn in seven-year increments -- otherwise it becomes predictable.
  8. Always put a ton of hair gel on your head. That way, as Pauly D cleverly once pointed out, when you're driving down the strip in your convertible, it won't move.
  9. If you're cool enough, you can absolutely get away with wearing sunglasses inside.
  10. When you're about to get into a cat fight, put some Vaseline on your face to keep from having fake nails leave scratch marks.
  11. Anyone can create their own fashion line. 
  12. If you want to lose 20 pounds, all you have to do is cut out pasta. *smacking my head* Of course!
  13. Short, tight dresses are fine -- even if something occasionally gets flashed -- as long as you have the body for it. Otherwise, you're just a grenade.
  14. The wifebeater shirt is so not PC -- the more appropriate term is The Shirt Before the Shirt.
  15. Hair belongs on your head, and nowhere else. Hear that ladies? Better book a waxing appointment.

What's your favorite Jersey Shore "beauty advice"?

Image via MTV.com

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