David Beckham Brings Back the Butt Cut

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David BeckhamDavid Beckham was looking distinctly silly recently at the BBC Personality of the Year award ceremony.

No, ladies, unfortunately you're not seeing things. David Beckham is bringing the butt cut back -- a look I'd hoped to never again see on the heads of ... well, anyone, let alone David. It didn't look good on him in the '90s ... and it certainly doesn't look good on him now.

But since it's the holidays, let's take a look back at the baddest butt cuts of yore, shall we?

Gilmore GirlsMy vote for Worst Butt Cut of all time goes to Jared Padalecki, who played Dean on Gilmore Girls. His butt cut was so bad, in fact, that my stepdaughters and I used to scream in horror each time he appeared with it on the scream.

Office SpaceThen there was Gary Cole in the movie Office Space. Ewwwwww.


FlickrOf course, we all knew guys in junior high and high school with butt cuts ... HATED IT.

But David Beckham isn't the only celeb sporting the butt cut these days. Another celebrity sports hero has made the look his own ...


Tom BradyThat's right. Tom Brady. He and David Beckham really are like two peas in a pod, aren't they? In a ... butt-cut pod. Gross.

So what do you think of the return of the butt cut? Are you loving it or loathing it? Need I even ask?

Images (top to bottom): Splash News, The WB, Office Space, Matthew Rutledge/Flickr, Under Armour

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RanaA... RanaAurora

I think Tom Brady, "Dean"/Jared P. and David Beckham all look fine with it, though Beckham could stand to at least BRUSH his hair.

JoyeA... JoyeAustin

I've never heard of a butt cut, so um, yeah.

MomIWant MomIWant

Butt cut - BAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.  I think Beckham should shave his head again - his distracts from his pretty face.

sweet... sweetheart1985

Not a fan... for me, the most memorable butt cut would be on Barry whats-his-name from 7th Heaven. Yikes. He sported that bad boy for waaaayyy too long. 

Julie... JulieMarsh

A butt-cut pod. I so needed that laugh. Thank you.

lkm091 lkm091

My So-Called Life was filled with butt-cuts back in the day on MTV.. Ahh memories

Marsh... MarshaCWP

Never heard of the butt cut, so I thought it was some style of bottom-hugging pants.  Imagine my disappointment when I clicked through.

Linds... LindsayFerrier

LOL, Marsha!

I had forgotten about My So Called Life- It was one of my favorite shows, too.

Although now, in retrospect, it probably should have been called My Butt Cut Life. Even Angela sort of had one...

nonmember avatar Christine

First "Dean" from Gilmore Girls rocked his look!! Second, at least the "butt cut" keeps the hair out of the eyes. I can not stand seeing teens today with hair in their face as a "style".

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