Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Isn't Lookin' So Plus-Sized

Crystal RennIt seems with each passing season, plus-size model Crystal Renn sheds more poundage. During the Spring 2011 fashion shows, she strutted the runway in a size 8, which is still healthy, but not the closer-to-average size 12 that boosted her to star power and made her a wonderful role model for girls.

And for the record, being a plus-size model simply means that she's a bigger size than the average size 2 model -- it is, by no means, supposed to be comparable to the average plus-size woman.

But now, in the recent Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2011 campaign, she no longer even looks like a size 8 -- more like a size 6 (if not smaller).

Oh Crystal, quit shrinking!


Who knows if she's losing the weight in a healthy manner from exercise, or if she's giving in to industry demands and turning to a spinach, chard, and kale diet. One thing that she is losing though is her fans. The smaller she gets, the smaller her fan base gets, since it was some sort of victory for us regular gals that (gasp!) a size 10 woman was considered high fashion. (And yes, it is sad that it's still considered a big deal when a "plus-size" woman graces the pages of Vogue.) But at the end of the day, it's the fashion designers and magazine editors that are signing her paychecks, not us. And I can't blame the girl for needing to make a living -- girlfriend has bills to pay like everyone else. It just makes me really sad that it's potentially putting her health at risk.

I'd like to blame these skinny photos on a nicely done PhotoShop job, but she made such a big deal the last time that she was inaccurately portrayed in a photo, that I'm pretty sure no graphic designer is going to go near her body with a slimming tool. Also, the way she's posing in the above photo does have a shrinking effect -- tummy tucked in, shoulders stuck outward, hands covering waistline. (Unfortunately, whenever I attempt this angle in photographs, I just look like I'm doing some weird version of the Macarena. Beginners should not attempt, especially under the influence of two vodka tonics.) But even the perfect pose can't skim off two sizes.

If she's losing weight in a healthy way FOR HER, then I think that's awesome. As long as it's to make herself happy, not because of industry pressure. But is that likely? Umm ...

What do you think of Crystal's recent weight loss?


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