5 Holiday Gifts for the Beauty Product Junkie

If you know a lady who loves beauty products, then it isn't so hard to find a plethora of things to choose from. There are so many beauty products that it can actually be quite overwhelming to choose.

Is she a perfume girl? A lotion junkie? A can't get enough eye shadow in 40 different colors lady? Or does she brush her hair 100 times a night? Whatever her favorite beauty ritual, you can find an easy gift to suit it.

Here are five potential ideas:


Basic brush collection: $175

This is definitely on the pricey side, but for a big splurge gift for your mom or sister, this is the way to go. The set includes six brushes: Concealer, Foundation, Face Blender, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, and Eye Brow and all come in a portable black case.

Perfume collection: $50

For the lady who loves fragrance, this is a great collection. A little sampler of 10 great scents with a roller ball and a container to store them all in. What could be better? This way she never has to decide which scent is her signature. She can have 10 different ones!

Candy cane beauty: $22

Philosophy is one of the best companies out there for beauty products. This holiday collection with a light peppermint scent includes lotion, body wash, and lip gloss. Perfectly suited for under the tree and affordable to boot!

Eye shadow: $7.50

Give her a collection of these unique, homemade colors from Etsy. The perfect gift she would never get herself.

Babydoll head soap: $8

This is creepy, but for the right product junkie with a rich sense of humor, it's perfect. See how she responds when she opens this one!


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