Lands End Canvas Has Its One and Only Winter Sale

Lands' End CanvasLands' End Canvas (the slightly-more-stylish offshoot of Lands' End) is having one of its rare sales right now- which means it's a great time to get some well-made staples at a fraction of their usual cost!

Check out this Boyfriend V-Neck Sweater (Lands' End, $39.50), a top that's fashionable, comfortable, and timeless all at once!

Best of all, right now it's just $16.99 on sale and it comes in several different colors!

There are even better deals to be had at Lands' End Canvas, though...

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Lands' End Canvas

There will never be a better time than now to stock up on a few things for summer, and for me at least, this Cotton Lawn Cover-up (Lands' End Canvas, $39.50), which is on sale for $14.99, might be a must-get. You know I love the Boden "look" and I love wearing tunic cover-ups as dresses around town during the hottest months- This perfectly fits the bill and the price can't be beat!


Lands' End CanvasSpeaking of swimsuits, now must be the absolute best time to buy them- I'll probably have to devote an entire post to this fact. This Halter Tank Swimsuit (Lands End Canvas, $59.50)for example is just $22.99 right now, and it comes in several different colors!


Lands' End CanvasBack to the current season, stretch riding pants are hot right now, but almost impossible to find. They give you a more tailored look than leggings and I love them! These stretch riding pants (Lands' End Canvas, $59.50) are currently $34.99.


Lands' End CanvasFinally, I adore this Loop Scarf (Lands' End Canvas, $39.50), now on sale for $22.99. A scarf for peopel who can't wear scarves! Brilliant!

Lands' End Canvas claims this is the ONLY winter sale they plan to have and jduging from the last couple of months, I BELIEVE THEM. So if you're on the fence, you'd better jump!


Images via Lands' End Canvas

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