How to Keep Your Hair and Skin Moisturized This Winter

'Tis the season to be dry and scaly ... but you don't want to look like this poor woman, do you?

Usually when cold weather comes around, my skin gets painfully dry, and my hair gets so staticky that I look like a walking science experiment.

This winter, though, everything's different.

Read on to see the simple steps I'm taking to stay moisturized this winter -- and share your own moisturizing secrets in the comments!


I never have much time to myself, but I am taking time to do a few things for myself during the winter months -- and my extra care is paying off!

For one thing, your legs may be covered up, but I still think it's a good idea to shave them every two or three days. Stubbly legs mean itchy legs in winter, and not only is it uncomfortable, but scratching your legs all day makes them dry and awful looking.

Keri Shea ButterBuy yourself a big bottle of body lotion if you haven't already, and slather some on yourself right after you shower each day. I'm partial to Keri Shea Butter (, $7.46) right now, myself. But I buy any intensive moisturizer that's on sale.


CarmexI also keep an extra-strength hand cream in my kitchen all winter long and use it a few times a day. If you're like me, you're constantly washing your hands from all the cooking, cleaning, and child wrangling, and you need hand cream to keep your hands from getting dry and cracked. I'm using Carmex Healing Cream (Walgreens, $5.99) right now and it works great.

Nu SkinI'm a little bit obsessed with keeping my face moisturized right now. I've been using ageLOC Radiant Day (Nu Skin, $67.50) in the morning and ageLOC Transforming Night (Nu Skin, $78.50) in the evening, along with eye cream, and I'm very happy with the smoothness of my skin. Smooth, hydrated skin makes your makeup go on better in winter, too, so no matter what your budget, I'd recommend daytime and nighttime lotion and a good eye cream in the winter.


MoroccanoilI have raved about Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream (Amazon, $23.61) before on this blog, but I like it even more (if that's even possible!) now that it's winter. It keeps my hair hydrated and static-free without making it greasy. Plus, I have used a squirt every day. you haven't already heard, dryer sheets like these from Bounce (Amazon, $10.25) can be your best friend in the wintertime. When things get too staticky, I wrap dryer sheets around my combs and brushes when they're not in use. I also run them down my hair when it gets static in it, although with the Moroccanoil cream, I haven't had static yet this season -- YAY.

That's the extent of my moisturizing regimen. I'm busy, so I don't have a lot of time to "hydrate" my skin, but I find all of these elements to be do-able.

What are your moisturizing secrets? Tell me in the comments!


Images (top to bottom): Katie Tegtmeyer/Flickr,, Walgreens, Nu Skin, Nu Skin, Amazon

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