The Cardiwrap: I Tried It. I Liked It!

CardiwrapI've always been intrigued by cardiwraps- cardigans that are designed to be worn dozens of different ways.

So when Kymaro offered to send me a sample of its own Cardi Wrap, I was excited to try it out for myself.

Of course, in the ads for Cardi Wraps, you see them worn all kinds of exotic ways (check out this model to the left, for example), but how would a real woman like me, one with less than five minutes to get dressed, wear a Cardi Wrap?

Keep reading and I'll show you all I came up with.

I think you'll be surprised...








Here's the Cardi Wrap at its most basic. I'll admit I'm not crazy about this color, but I didn't get to choose it. The Cardi Wrap comes in seven different shades, including my favorites- red, gray and black- so keep that in mind. I love the Cardi Wrap worn like this.


CardiwrapBut I also like it with one side tossed over the shoulder, like so.


CardiwrapIt even looks cool with one side over the shoulder and the other on top, for a switch.



CardiwrapI tied it loosely around my waist and ended up with one of those cool wrap dresses like my ballet teachers used to wear in winter.


CardiwrapTied up around my hips, it made a cool wrap sweater.


CardiwrapThen I... Well, I don't even know what I did, but I ended up with a very cool, expensive-looking sort of tunic dress.


CardiwrapThen I turned the whole thing BACKWARD, draped the shoulders a bit and created a pretty boatneck sweater.

And then my kids found me. And my game was over.

Basically, I think the Kymaro Cardi-Wrap is worth the $49.95, because even if you find you're not very creative when it comes to wrapping it, it looks great as a stand-alone cardigan. The Cardi-Wrap also comes with a booklet that will give you lots of more intricate ideas on how to wear it- This is simply what I was able to accomplish in under ten minutes.

Even better? It works on all sizes. Check out the site, which features women of all shapes and sizes looking great in the Cardi-Wrap.

I was a little disappointed by the fabric at first- It doesn't feel "expensive"- but the truth is that once I had it on, I decided it was optimal draping fabric. It clings to itself, which helps a LOT with the draping, it's supremely comfortable, and it's neither too light nor too heavy. In fact, I had planned to wear my Cardi-Wrap just for pictures and, well, I'm still wearing it now. With one side thrown over the shoulder. I feel devastatingly stylish.

And that's that.


Images via Kymaro

Disclosure: I received a sample of the Cardi-Wrap in order to write this post. My opinions are completely my own.



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