Big Luv Denim: Would You Buy It?

Lindsay Ferrier
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Big Luv DenimChristmas is coming and American shoppers are preoccupied with all things denim. Two of the hottest online searches right now are for Big Luv Denim and PajamaJeans.

I have quite a bit of experience with PajamaJeans (I own a pair!), but I'd never heard of Big Luv Denim until today.

Turns out it's a new line of sexy jeans created by Thomas Miles -- Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning Show -- specifically for plus-size women.

And these jeans are HAWT, don't you think? It's refreshing to see plus-size jeans that don't look like your grandmother should be wearing them!

Find out where to buy them and how much they cost -- after the jump!

Big Luv Denim

Right now, Big Luv Denim has three styles of jeans available, Bootcut, Skinny Jeans, and the Classic Signature Jean pictured above. Each style is $79 on the Big Luv website.

I'm not crazy about the huge Big Luv logo on the pockets, but perhaps that's the price you pay for a good-fitting pair of plus-size jeans that are under $100 ...

As for PajamaJeans ...

PajamaJeansLet me just say that I strongly advise against them. As I said back when I wore them for my Style Dare ...

To their credit, they do look like jeans, even though they feel like they are made of extra-strength sweatsuit material. But they're low-rise and come just above my hipbone, with no loops for a belt. Consequently, not only was I pulling them up the whole time I had them on, but I'd hazard a guess that anyone whose name isn't Jillian Michaels can expect to be sporting quite the muffintop along with her PajamaJeans.

Still, I'd vowed to give my PajamaJeans a thorough test drive, and that's exactly what I did, first wearing them straight to bed.

What can I say about the experience? Well, have you always longed to wear a pair of low-rise industrial strength sweatpants with rivets to bed? No? Then you're not missing out on much. Two words can sum up that long and remarkably uncomfortable night: Never again.

No thanks.

What do you think of these "hot" denim trends? Would you like to see a pair of Big Luv Denim jeans or PajamaJeans under the tree with your name on them?

Images via Big Luv Denim and Her Nashville

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