Here's My Mom Uniform -- What's Yours?

Lindsay FerrierThis season, "The Look" that everyone's wearing was made for moms.

Cozy flyaway cardigans, skinny pants, and boots -- it's a look that's totally mom-friendly, provided you know how to wear it.

We've discussed aspects of this look before, but in this post, I'm going to get specific on how to make what's become my Mom Uniform this season work.

I'm also going to tell you where I've found my favorite pieces.

Want the skinny?

Read on ....


First off, the look above is a combination of a few old pieces and a few new ones.

The cowl neck top is from Ann Taylor. I got it last year and it's probably my favorite black top. It's still available as the Modern Cowl Neck Sweater (Ann Taylor, $88), but if you're quick, you can get it now for 40% off (like I did!) with the code HOLIDAY.

I got the cardigan about a month ago at 40% off from Ann Taylor and I LOVE it. The Open Front Cardigan (Ann Taylor, $68) is 40% off with the code HOLIDAY right now, so if you like this look, GET ON THAT DEAL!

Here's something HUGE I've learned -- I know some of you think that with boots and a long cardigan, it doesn't really matter whether you're wearing heavy tights, leggings, or skinny pants underneath. Well, I'm here to tell you that while I do leggings a lot with this look, when I REALLY want to look polished, I wear my J.Crew Minnie Pant, which are a sort of riding pant material -- stretchy but heavy, and with a seam down the back legs. I'm wearing my Minnie pants in this photo, as a matter of fact. They're not cheap (my stretch twill version costs $79.50), but since they're crop pants, I wore them all summer -- and now I can wear them under boots, too.

I got the boots at Piperlime on sale, with an extra 20% off code, AND with a gift card. Choose boots with a comfortable heel that fit your personality. Just about anything will work with this look. The key is to be comfortable.


Lindsay FerrierHere's a variation of my mom uniform -- I had this outfit on yesterday. I took this photo first of all to show you the Hue leggings, which some of you asked to see on a "real" person. Well, I'm size eight and these are the corduroy leggings. I love them.

It's important to find a few flattering tunic tops that come to the top of your leg if you're planning on wearing leggings or skinny pants. No one wants to see your camel toe or your lumpy rear end. I LOVE this long-sleeved side ruched tunic top (Ann Taylor, $58) I found on sale for 40% off. Again, you can get that deal too if you order quick! One note: I normally wear a medium at Ann Taylor and am wearing a medium here, but if I could redo it, I'd probably get a large in this particular top. It's VERY fitted, and I would have liked just a little more "give."

The beauty of tunic tops, too, is that you can take off the sweater when you're at home and you're still "covered" and casual. This is a great outfit for playing with the kids, and so comfortable!


Lindsay FerrierHere's how I actually wore this outfit when I went out yesterday, with my boots and a fantastic Ann Taylor cocoon cardigan that's unfortunately now sold out.


Lindsay FerrierAnd here's another variation. I used this photo in my post about Forever 21. Here, I'm wearing the black tunic, leggings, and this gorgeous tie-waist jersey cardigan (Forever 21, $19.80). This is just to show you that you can totally do this look on a budget ...

So that's my "uniform" this fall and winter.

What's yours?

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