Bikini Waxing: Feeding the Fascination With Prepubescent Girls?

homemade hair removal waxThe good news? The latest beauty trend doesn't affect us at all. The bad news? The trend is for girls to get bikini waxes at younger and younger ages. Reading about 12-year-olds getting bikini waxes was not exactly the best accompaniment to my morning bagel, and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, a bikini wax at 12? Really?! What on earth do they need those for?

I thought the whole point of waxing anywhere down there was to emulate the prepubescent look. If you already are prepubescent, who the heck are you emulating -- yourself? Something about that just seems ... off.


Most of us would probably admit that a major reason we wax is to please our sexual partners. Keeping everything nice and neat comes with the territory. You see, somewhere along the way, guys reached a consensus that what they wanted more than anything was a bare look, or as close to bare as possible. Suddenly, women everywhere were trimming, shaving, and waxing to look like our 10-year-old selves.

Of course, we also wax during actual bikini season, but I can't see the need for pre-teens to be silky smooth year-round.

I'll admit that part of my shock is probably because I wasn't even allowed to shave until I was 14, let alone wax. And, believe me, I was a really hairy kid, so I can sympathize with the ridicule and teasing that comes along with hairiness. But geez, this seems really unnecessary. It's bad enough to feel that pressure when you're an adult, so it's a sad state of affairs when anybody would encourage a young girl to do this to herself.

In an effort to not be a total negative Nancy, I tried to find a silver lining: at least the early start will make it easier for them as they grow up. Less hair and less pain during waxes, that's good, right?

Nope, even I'm not buying my own silver lining.

At what age did you start getting bikini waxes?


Image via digipam/Flickr

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