6 Holiday Gifts for the Hipster Mom

fedora hatIf you have a friend who is effortlessly cool, independent, loves art, refuses to listen to music that regular people have actually heard of, and can create an amazingly chic outfit for under $5, then you've got a hipster to shop for. (Though she likely says she's not -- that's another sign that she definitely is.)

Here are six gift ideas for the hipster mom:




Tarnish Lace Fedora $28 from Nordstrom

If your friend is a true hipster, she probably has a closet full of fedoras, but this laced one is so pretty, it'll instantly become her favorite. 


Holga Camera $48 from Urban Outfitters

She's probably in love with the Hipstomatic App on her iPhone, so why don't you give her the real thing? Not only is the design retro, but thanks to a special lens, the photos taken with the Holga camera have a soft, dreamy focus.

sock monkey wine caddySock Monkey Wine Caddy $9.99 from Always Fits

Does your friend love wine? Who doesn't? Does she love sock monkeys? Again, who doesn't? This silly wine caddy would make even the stiffest dinner party fun.

heart sunglassesRed Heart Sunglasses $5.99 from Retro Planet

How adorable are these red heart-shaped glasses? A far cry from the aviators that are so hot right now, but going against the trends is what hipsters thrive off of.

bicycle basket

Retro Recycled Red Handkerchief Wicker Bicycle Basket $21.95 from Etsy

How cute would your friend look riding her bicycle to yoga class with her mat nestled in this little wicker basket? And I love the red handkerchief lining!

iphone gloves

Echo Touch Gloves $30 from Echo Design

It's such a pain having to remove your gloves every time you want to use your iPhone (what were those Apple people thinking?). These gloves have special fabric on the index finger and thumb so you're easily able to use your touchscreen phone while staying warm.

What are you buying for your hipster mom friends?

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