A Kardashian Khristmas Kard

KardashiansThose Krazy Kardashians have done it again!

They've come out with a Khristmas Kard that has me Konvinced they've got a Komplete Knack for Komedy!

In the true Kardashian spirit, their Khristmas Kard is totally Klassy, Kampy, and Kool.

Want to see it?

And want to see my family's Christmas card this year, by comparison?

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Check this out. It's like Dynasty for the new millenium!

Kardashian Christmas CardI'm not Krazy about their Kostumes -- I mean, why don't they let their youngest daughters act like kids for a few more years? Is the skintight evening gown really necessary?

But overall, I like it! It shows a real sense of humor and fun that I like to see in family Christmas cards.

Of course, it's nothing like mine.

Here's what we came up with this year ...

Ferrier Christmas CardThis is the front...

Ferrier Christmas CardAnd here's the back.

I like it, but surprisingly, no one's writing about it in any major newspapers.


Are you sending out Christmas cards this year? What do yours look like? And have you sent them all out? (I'm still working on mine, but technically, I have through tomorrow, right? I believe December 17 is the cutoff ...)


Images via E!, Daily Mail, and Lindsay Ferrier

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