Is Your Man Your Fashion Opposite?

Dennis FerrierThis is my husband. On TV.

He's a television reporter, so I see him on television a lot.

However, on this particular night, something wasn't quite ... right.

In fact, something was very, very wrong.

Can you tell what it is?




Don't tell me you missed THIS:

Dennis FerrierYes, ladies.

My husband and I are a lot alike, but when it comes to fashion, we couldn't be more different.

What's more, he doesn't want my input. Not really. So I keep quiet ...

... and then I post it on the Internet!

His fashion faux pas really should have their own category on my blog. They've given me and many others plenty of laughs over the years, but as far as I'm concerned, his biggest offense is wearing this ushanka on the news every time it snows.

It snowed this week.

Dennis FerrierYep. You guessed it ... out came the ushanka.

But as much as I loathe his coral pants and his ushanka, he equally despises my Pour La Victoire booties and my new faux leopard jacket.

Obviously, he needs serious help in the style department.

We get through it all with a lot of laughter, but I'm wondering now if opposites attract, fashion-wise.

Is your husband/significant other your fashion opposite, or are the two of you sartorial peas in a pod? And if you're fashion opposites, how do you "make it work," as Tim Gunn would say?

And uh, by the way ... is anyone out there looking for a very used ushanka?


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