Christmas Gone Wild: 'Tis the Season for Sexy Costumes


sexy christmas costumeI know women dress sexy for Halloween -- I think it's ridiculous, but if you want to dress as a sexy Chewbacca, who am I to judge? But why, oh why, would you wear a Sexy Santa costume on Christmas?!

And, an even bigger question: Where the hell are you going that you'd need to dress as Sexy Santa?!

And it's not just Santa ... all fun-loving, formerly innocent aspects of the holidays have been turned into softcore porn.

If you're one of the sexy culprits, you can argue that it's lingerie. Fair enough. But if that's the case, please explain to me how you wear THIS in the bedroom:


sexy christmas costume

No literally, I want to know how you physically wear this while getting down and dirty. Wings? Halo? Gloves? That's a whole lotta stuff to take off. Or how about this one:

christmas tree costume

A sexy Christmas tree costume (hey, trees can be sexy!) that is electric. Yes, it lights up -- so even though you're stabbing your man in the stomach with what I assume to be Christmas lights, at least he'll be able to see what he's doing.

sexy christmas costume

Argue if you must, but according to Sears's website (oh my, Sears has gotten naughty!), this is most definitely a dress, which tells me someone has most definitely worn this to a holiday party.

I've attended Ugly Christmas Sweater parties before, but I have yet to be invited to a holiday party that warrants dressing up in a naughty Santa outfit. And even if I was, I'm not so sure that I would attend, regardless of the multitude of men that will likely be there.

Have you ever dressed sexy for the holidays? Was it for a party?

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poshkat poshkat

ugh enough with making everything sexy all the time!!!! sexy santa, sexy elf, sexy devil and cat for halloween. just because its a holiday does not give you premission to dress up like a whore!!! im so glad ugly christmas sweater parties are becoming the norm instead of the "sexy" outfits. those are not cute.

sweet... sweetheart1985

I agree, poshkat. 

I don't know what the heck happened between the women's liberation and now, but the men have somehow gotten pretty much what they wanted all along: To have nothing left to their imagination.

They used to have to go to strip joints and pay money to see women walk around with a complete lack of dignity and tact. Now they just have to head to the mall. It's terrible.

tazdvl tazdvl

I would not wear any of those.

Tiffany Fisher

hmm...if you take off the lights on that one,id love it

Tiffany Fisher

just adding,it would only be in the bedroom or around the house for my husband while the kids are away

abels... abelsmama07

my in law's best friends don't have any of their kids living in town.  so, for xmas eve they dress as santa and mrs. claus and go around and visit their friends houses who have grandchildren.  so every year we get a visit from santa, and his "wife."  she wears a mrs. claus dress similar to the green one at the bottom of the page, but in red.  with fishnets.  she's pushing 65.  it's UNCOMFORTABLE.

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