Did Gwyneth Paltrow Get Botox?

Gwyneth PaltrowDid Gwyneth Paltrow get Botox injections before her initiation onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday? That's what the gossip mill is saying. But do you believe it? I mean this is a woman who doesn't even put sugar and rarely any dairy in her body. Do you really think she's getting shot up with Botox?

But dang, her face does look a little tight, and I don't see even the beginnings of a wrinkle here, do you?


The British tabloid the Daily Mail speculates:

Paltrow's forehead and eyebrows seemed totally frozen and even though she was smiling widely there were no lines or wrinkles around her eyes.

I do have to say I was pleased as punch when Gwyneth appeared on Glee because I thought she actually looked her age in closeups. What I mean by that is I could see some tiny lines around her eyes and her face looked real. Real and still beautiful. I think she looks great!

Maybe her well-paid magical makeup elves did her up right for the event since she'd be appearing in the bright sunlight to receive her star along Hollywood Boulevard. Or maybe Gwyneth just couldn't resist the youthful promises of Botox. Just seems hypocritical to all that granola health junk she yammers on about ...

What do you think? Did Gwyneth hit the Botox?


Image via SplashNews

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