My Holiday Party Makeover Photos (Just 5 Minutes in the Office Ladies' Room!)

work outfitGotta love that time of year when you're forced to stuff an entire ensemble into your purse because you have a holiday party to attend right after work. It's hard to go from a business atmosphere straight to a party scene and still look fabulous, but there are ways you can get yourself perfectly dolled up in your office's ladies' room.

One option is the sweater dress. I'm a big fan of this style -- it's so chic and yet so comfy. And can easily navigate you from the cubicle to the bar. But the problem I have with these is that in a crowded room, I find myself sweating like a pig. Not sexy.

So instead, I opt for a cocktail dress paired with a blazer and tights. It's versatile, sexy, and work-appropriate.

Check out how I turned this look from day to night:




party outfit

I've found this outfit to be exceptionally handy when I'm not exactly sure what the attire for the soiree is going to be like. If it's more casual and subdued, I leave the blazer on; if it's more of a party scene, I throw that puppy off and dance the night away.

To make it more of a holiday party look rather than a you-caught-me-I-just-came-from-the-office look, I jazzed it up with some festive baubles, a belt, and pumps, and then added some fun glittery eyeshadow and bright red lipstick for a colorful punch. It literally took me 5 minutes to put together (great for when you're literally dotting the i's and crossing the t's at work until last minute), and the best part is, everything you need easily fits into your purse.

You certainly won't look like you just worked a 10-hour work day.

What do you wear to holiday parties when you're leaving straight from work?


Image via Brittny Drye

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