5 Gifts for the Bohemian Mom

One of the best fashion trends to come along for moms was the "Boho look." Why? Because suddenly anything we were wearing that looked sloppy or stained could be described as "bohemian."

My level of excitement over this fact was only rivaled by the day I realized "shabby chic" was actually a hot way to decorate and not just a product of me stealing all my parents' old furniture the day I graduated from college. Of course, sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt are not "boho." They are just sloppy. 

Still, the boho look is a great one for moms. Here are 5 gifts that will keep her boho chic all year long:


Boho flower headband: $38

I almost wept with excitement when I saw this. No need to shower, just pull the hair back (the messier, the better) and slide this over the grease. Voila! You look sexy and chic, and no one knows you're unwashed. And if they do, all the more bohemian! This is the perfect gift for any mom who still wants to look chic at the playground but has no time to make that actually happen.

Wrapped stone necklace: $60

This pendant necklace is a great addition to any outfit, but looks particularly nice with the long, layered style so popular with the boho lovers. She can get her flowy, hippy shirt on, pull on her skinny jeans, and rock this pendant. You may want to buy one for yourself, too!

Boho scarf: $12.74

Skinny jeans, a long white t-shirt, and this scarf is the perfect springtime boho look. Minimal effort and stylish reward, this makes a unique and fashionable Christmas gift for any mom still wishing it were the Summer of Love. And bonus points: It's vintage!

Long leather coat: $62

The price is incredible and the look perfect. Jump on this before it's gone, though I warn you, I may snatch it up myself!

Woven belt: $34

You can't go wrong with a gift from Anthropologie and this is pretty affordable. She can use it to belt a dress or a tunic over jeans or even a maxi dress. Merry Christmas, indeed.


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