Hue Makes Leggings I'm Loving

HueHue, which you might know as the maker of every kind of tights and trouser socks imaginable, has delved this season into leggings. And as in the case of its tights, it's making leggings out of just about any fabric you could possibly want.

I'm beside myself.

Hue sent me a pair of these corduroy leggings pictured to the left and they are fantastic. They come in several different colors and are incredibly comfortable.

They are also probably my husband's favorite pair of pants on me. I say "pants" because they are leggings with back pockets, and that confuses him.


Anyway, I have to say I love them too. At $34, they totally fit my budget and I am planning on buying a few more pairs in different fabrics. Want to see some of what Hue has to offer in the leggings department? Check it out ...




I am totally buying a pair of these denim leggings (Hue, $28). They're the perfect color to wear for a more adult "jeggings" look. Hue also makes a skinny jean legging with pockets for $34.


HueSequin Leggings (Hue, $40)! For the holidays! You could rock these!


HueVelvet leggings (Hue, $30) are another luxe look for this winter, and they transcend the trend. LOVE.


Hue These Equestrian Leggings (Hue, $34) have been so popular, they are almost completely sold out!


HueThere's even a boot cut pant (Hue, $34)!


There are plenty more Hue Leggings to choose from. Go here to take a look. And as a note, I wear a size 8 and have medium leggings and they are VERY fitted. That's fine for my purposes (I'm not showing a whole lot of leg when I wear them), but if you want a slightly less skintight look, I'd recommend going a size up.

What do you think of all these leggings options? Are you liking the prices as much as I am?


Images via Hue

Disclosure: Hue sent me a pair of corduroy leggings to try and review. As a result, I'll now be buying several more pairs myself!


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