Ugg Boots & 5 Other Trends You Wish Could Be Stopped


If you have ever resisted the urge to dive on a girl wearing a pair of Ugg boots and rip them off her feet, then the UggCitrin vaccine video should be right up your alley. A comedic take on the vaccine commercials we are all accustomed to seeing, this one guarantees an end to the "upper middle class East Coast" desire to wear Uggs, the thick elephant-like boots so many women and girls (including me!) sport each winter.

According to the video, symptoms include:

Mistaking leggings for pants; holding over-sized Starbucks cups to make your hands look more petite, and wearing high performance outerwear as a fashion statement.

Ouch! Guilty as charged, but hey, in my defense, they are comfortable (a statement also mocked by the video)! Now UggCitrin is preventative only (natch), but there are so many other trends I look back on and wish (oh how I wish!) I had been vaccinated against.

The video:

Here are some more trends that I wish I could see a vaccine against:

Crocs: OK, seriously, whoever thought these were a good idea is a bad, bad person. Brightly colored, plastic shoes that squeak when you walk and make your feet look both wide and long? Hold me. What a horrible trend that millions of people all over the country bought. There is no known cure.

Mom jeans: The high waist is enough to make me want to scream, but then add camel toe and a wedgie and seriously? Seriously? Why God? Why?

Biker shorts: Even bikers don't look so hot in these. Just say no!

Falling down pants: Gangster, you are not. Lame is what you are. Just stop.

J.Lo track suit: Why these were in, we may never know, but I for one would like to never (never!) have to see them again.

What trends would you like to guard against?

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mrsjk... mrsjksimmons

Crocs were made for nurses. They are supposed to be comfortable for them to wear while being on their feet constantly.

As for the others, totally agree.

Amyin... AmyinMotown

I agree on the Crocs for nurses and doctors, and kids look pretty damn cute in them too. With my giant clodhoppers I never would have worn them even if I was on my feet 24-7. I never got the velour tracksuit at all, and I love me some sweats.

sstepph sstepph

I could never give up my uggs, lol. Its snows so much here, and they keep my feet warm! Crocs were excellent when I was a nurse! They SAVED my feet! I still have a pair I wear when I am gardening and my son loves his :) And Velour Track suits, never got into velour!

PonyC... PonyChaser

I havea  pair of knock-off crocs that I wear exclusively for gardening, and they're awesome for that.  Muddy? hose 'em off.  Hot? the holes are ventilation.  But I'd never, ever pay the obnoxious price for real Crocs!  And i'm with you on the whole Mom Jean thing.

I also have to (sadly) add leggings to the mix.  Because unless you know how to layer over them, or are the size and shape of Twiggy, they're heinous.  Nobody wants to see you standing on a street corner in leggings and a belly shirt, with all your cellulite hanging out.  And yes, I saw that "look" recently.  *shudder*  I will concede, however, that they are wicked cute when they're worn properly, with flow-y stuff layered over, and cute boots.

jalaz77 jalaz77

My kids wear crocs but they are all u5 and under so when the stink I can wash them. I have uggs and I rarely wear them, they are warm. I hate it when girls do their hair and makeup then put a sweatshirt and sweatpants on then wear their uggs!! Look sooo ridiculous, trying to pull off "I was way to tired to get dressed but made sure my hair and makeup was perfect" look! That is a HS thing for sure...

jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh yea at my hospital we can't wear crocs anyway, it's not protective. I watched a doctor spill bodily fluids on her feet through her crocs, it was so so gross and she wasn't wearing socks! No joke. So the hospital said nope, shoes have to be completely closed.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

My son has wear crocs or wanna be crocs, I wear there flip flops or wedges but for the other I dont' wear at all because uggs are ugly and too expenise I will stick to my wanna be's that cost 40.00 at target, track suit are just ugly and high wasit jean uncorformatable.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

I, too, wish Crocs, Uggs, and the knock-offs of both brands would just go away.  I live in New England, and these 2 trends just keep holding on like mold in the walls of an old house.  Everyone looks moronic in Crocs, and unless you've got legs like a giraffe, Uggs make you look bulky.  Add the leggings or skinny jeans and the bulky shirt, and voila - instand Troll costume.

bills... billsfan1104

I never liked UGGS, even even they are all the rage. I never liked crocs either.


ALLLL of those!!! Crocs are nice for summers on a farm but never ever to be worn off the farm (I mean I wore big mud boots in the fall and spring but would never wear them else where, how did crocs catch on else were???)

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