Ugg Boots & 5 Other Trends You Wish Could Be Stopped

If you have ever resisted the urge to dive on a girl wearing a pair of Ugg boots and rip them off her feet, then the UggCitrin vaccine video should be right up your alley. A comedic take on the vaccine commercials we are all accustomed to seeing, this one guarantees an end to the "upper middle class East Coast" desire to wear Uggs, the thick elephant-like boots so many women and girls (including me!) sport each winter.

According to the video, symptoms include:

Mistaking leggings for pants; holding over-sized Starbucks cups to make your hands look more petite, and wearing high performance outerwear as a fashion statement.

Ouch! Guilty as charged, but hey, in my defense, they are comfortable (a statement also mocked by the video)! Now UggCitrin is preventative only (natch), but there are so many other trends I look back on and wish (oh how I wish!) I had been vaccinated against.

The video:


Here are some more trends that I wish I could see a vaccine against:

Crocs: OK, seriously, whoever thought these were a good idea is a bad, bad person. Brightly colored, plastic shoes that squeak when you walk and make your feet look both wide and long? Hold me. What a horrible trend that millions of people all over the country bought. There is no known cure.

Mom jeans: The high waist is enough to make me want to scream, but then add camel toe and a wedgie and seriously? Seriously? Why God? Why?

Biker shorts: Even bikers don't look so hot in these. Just say no!

Falling down pants: Gangster, you are not. Lame is what you are. Just stop.

J.Lo track suit: Why these were in, we may never know, but I for one would like to never (never!) have to see them again.

What trends would you like to guard against?

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