Silly Winter Hats Are All the Rage: Will You Wear One?

ASOSRacked recently pointed out a trend I'm seeing everywhere lately: outrageous children's hats made for -- and, increasingly, worn by -- women.

This Bunny Ears Fantasy Fur Hat (ASOS, $44.82) is just one oddball example.

Tellingly, it has sold out at ASOS, which means WAAAAAY too many women are wearing it as we speak.

But there are plenty more hats for you to choose from if you, uh, want to get back in touch with your inner child this winter.

Want to giggle over, I mean, see them for yourself?

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It would be adorable on a kid, but this Zoozatz Curious George Hat (Kohl's, $18.20) is made for women! Eep.


Neiman MarcusWhat's scarier to me, though, is paying hundreds of dollars for a silly winter hat, like this extravagant MARC by Marc Jacobs Monster Hat (Neiman Marcus, $278).


Revolve ClothingThen there's this Mickey Ears Hat (RevolveClothing, $44). HOLD ME.


BloomingdalesI'm starting to see hats like this Aqua Knit Trapper Hat (Bloomingdale's, $75) everywhere and OH. THE UGLY.


KohlsI'm assuming this Zoozatz Mr. Owl Hat (Kohl's, $18.20) is meant to be kitschy and hip. Instead, it's just ugly and dumb.

I suppose these hats could be cute on girls between the ages of, say, 12 and 18, but any older and it's just a plain old fashion don't. Save the ears for Halloween, ladies!

What do you think of these kooky winter hats? Should this trend die ASAP?


Images (top to bottom): ASOS, Kohls, Revolve Clothing, Bloomingdale's, Kohl's

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RanaA... RanaAurora

Actually I think it's fun. It's nice to not take fashion deadly serious some times. :)

theAm... theAmberShow

If it's: >$40 and made by some cute hipster chick selling them at a flea market for rent/beer money, yeah, I'll wear one.  Subdued colors only, though!  I agree with Rana.  If you want to be a little silly, this is a good way to do it.

Tanis... TanisMiller

How bad is it that I covet all of those hats. Don't judge me. I live next door to the North Pole. Heck I can see Sarah Palin's porch from my house, dammit.

CallM... CallMeKITTYD

ive got two... a cheshire cat one and a panda bear one.. i want a cat one


UGHHH my husband has a froggy hat kinda like the monkey hat in this article.  He wears it ALOT. ARRRG

Juli Signorelli

I'd love to see your recommendations for winter hats... I always like to wear something a bit funky myself. I live in NY so winter can be depressing enough as it is, I think fun winter hats make it just a bit less humdrum.

Elizabeth Pattison

I like some of them, but I will never get to wear them since I live in CA.

mrsrobin mrsrobin

Been wearing them for years! Love em. These are great!

Zuri Maciel

I love the one by Marc Jacobs, the mickey ears and aqua knit trapper. I live in the bay area, close to sf, and the weather has been crazy, so yey for urban funky hats ;D


p.s. I want the curious george for my baby lol

JenBr... JenBrooks76

Hey, it's fun and covers my ears when it's cold. What's wrong with that!? Actually now I kind of wish I had seen this before I wrote my wish list ....

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