Wearing Faux Fur Means You Support the Real Thing

fur coatThere it was, hanging on the rack, the only one left. The warm and fuzzy faux fur coat was clearly a hot selling item. And, unlike most faux furs, it didn't resemble Chewbacca.

And with the pricing at just $40, I had found my new winter coat.

So I paid for it and immediately slipped it on, right there at the check-out counter, stuffing my worn peacoat into the shopping bag.

I walked out of that store with a much bigger strut than when I went in. I felt fashionable, sexy, sophisticated, and fancy in my faux fur coat.

But once the luxury had worn off, reality set in. Why did I feel fancy in it? I, a huge supporter of animal rights, had to admit to myself that it was because fur was considered luxurious.

Well, then I just felt like a horrible hypocrite. A wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing (well, actually, it looks more like mink).


Every time someone complimented me on my new coat, I felt the need to go into this long defensive explanation -- Thanks! Actually it's fake. I'd never buy a real fur coat, even if I could afford it! I'm highly against that. Those poor animals!

I knew that they could care less about where I stood on animal rights, but I was doing it more for myself ... to convince myself that I bought the coat because it was warm and chic. Not because it resembled coats that were created from animals who were kept in horrible conditions until they ultimately died.

It didn't help matters when a stranger came up to me, actually crossing the entire length of the room, to tell me that I was an evil person for wearing fur. When I gave them my memorized defense speech, they responded back with Well, that's just as bad.

If I hadn't been in a very public place, I would've cried. But the person made a valid point. Unless you're wearing a blatantly obvious faux (and if that's the case, honey, just don't wear it ... whether you're a friend or foe to the animals), who will know if your jacket is real or fake? They make assumptions, and 50% of those assumptions will probably lean toward the real thing. So there you are, a walking billboard for fur fashion.

I've since come to peace with my faux fur -- it's just too chic to give up. Plus it's getting cold as hell outside and the thing traps in heat like a greenhouse. I still give my defensive speech, but I no longer worry about what others think of me. So I may be a walking contradiction -- but at least I know I'm walking in a fake.

Do you wear faux fur? Do you think wearing faux fur is just as bad as wearing real fur?

Image via fueledbynofx/Flickr

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