Nipple Enhancers: Would You Wear Them?

Nipple EnhancersNotice anything interesting about the woman pictured here?

Does anything ... poke out at you?

Admit it. You're not looking at her face.

But what you might not know about this woman is that those are not her nipples. Oh no.

They are silicone "nipple enhancers," and according to Bodyperks, the website selling them, they were "crafted to produce just the right amount of perkiness."

"Give bodyperks a try," the site urges. "You'll be amazed at the reaction."

I can only imagine ...

Would you wear them?

What's really surprising to me about these silicone "accessories" is that they seem to be catching on.


SelfridgesBritish department store Selfridges is selling them, citing the memorable incident when Samantha wore them on Sex and the City as incentive to buy a pair for yourself.

Personally, my nipples don't need any enhancing. I've been trying to hide them from public view for years, and if anything, I have trouble finding bras that cover them up without adding any more extra padding than is absolutely necessary. In fact, now that I think about it, I do have something similar to Bodyperks. They're called Dimrs.


DimrsYes, Dimrs cover up what Bodyperks "enhances." And perhaps our choice between these two types of silicone says a lot about who we are as a person.

So tell me, ladies ... are you Team Bodyperks? Or Team Dimrs?


Images (top to bottom): Bodyperks, Selfridges, Dimrs

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Tiffany Fisher

wow,now this is sad. i would definitly not wear these,but i cant wait to laugh at the woman that puts them on crooked!sidesplittinglaughter

sweet... sweetheart1985

OMG!! LOL I would definitely NOT wear those! WOW how much more loudly can you scream LOOK AT ME!! without actually screaming it??

Sue Venne Belrose

It is a "nada" for me. I change tops if the real ones show themselves!

Karen... KarenRN429

Yeah, no. I wouldn't wear these.

However, I'm not on Team Dmrs, either. Can we all stop worrying so freaking much about our nips?! Who cares?

Kimberly Hollis Widmer

oh, i could have gone all my life without seeing this… yikes. what in this world?? i'm a team dmrs. i'd be on team reduction, too, but that doesn't exactly come in a box. 

nonmember avatar Elaine

My nips once pointed up and out in a fresh, perky manner. Two kids later, they're looking at the sidewalk. I'll just apply some fake nips back in the "up" position, and save myself some cash! Yeah!

Linds... LindsayFerrier

LOL, Kimberly!

The only reason I worry about them, Karen, is that I get unwanted stares if they're showing. And that's embarrassing.

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